Kills Germs
Remove Odours
No Batteries
Small & Portable
Pet & Child Safe
Wave Goodbye To Germs
  • Hospital trusted technology that has been used for years as an Air Purifier to help cut transmissions of infections
  • Kills air borne germs & bacteria such as Staphylococcus albus, E. Coli and H1N1
  • Removes odours for fresher smelling air
  • Child & Pet Friendly - no radiation is leaked & no ozone is produced
  • No expensive filters to clean or replace
  • Plug in and go - plugs straight into the wall & Purifing the Air instantly
  • Small & Portable - It won't take up loads of space and can be moved from room to room without hassle or even take away with you.
  • No power lead that you risk tripping over
  • Air Purifies a 3mspace
Don't Just Collect, Destroy!
How clean is the air you’re breathing right now?
Airborne bacteria and germs are floating all around your home and could be harmful to your family.

This hospital trusted Air Purifier technology uses turbine airflow to drive contaminated air to the internal chamber. Ultraviolet-C waves safely neutralise and kill odour causing bacteria and releases cleaner air back into your home.
Unique Must-Have Features
Take It Away With You
Going away and want to freshen & purify the air in your accommodation? The Zaahn UV Clean & Pure is so small, you can pack it in your suitcase and take it with you.
Size Matters
The Zaahn UV Clean & Pure fits in your hand so it won't take up loads of space in your room.
Forget The Filter
Don't just collect, destroy! Filters collect the germs and need to be replaced. The Zaahn UV Clean & Pure is filter free and kills the germs.
Runs All Day, Everyday, 24/7
The Zaahn UV Clean & Pure plugs straight into the wall so you don't need to replace batteries or risk tripping over a power cable.
Sanitise Your Personal Space
A Bubble Of Air Purified Protection In Any Room
See It In Action
Real Users, Real Reviews
Sanitise Your Space With The Zaahn UV Clean & Pure - Air Purifier